The distribution of the Estate of racing icon Bart Cummings is being disputed in separate cases in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

The late sporting icon’s son, Anthony Cummings, and daughters, Sharon Robinson and Anne-Marie Casey (who is acting as tutor for their mother) have filed separate claims challenging the distribution of the Estate, which is reportedly worth millions of dollars.

The parties have recently been directed by the Court to attempt private mediation before the matter comes before the court again in February 2017.

In may come as a surprise to many that these types of legal disputes are not uncommon. Unless your will has been carefully prepared, it may not be your last word.

In circumstances where a will is revealed and someone has been left out, or they have not been left with adequate provision, they may have grounds to challenge the distribution of the estate under the Family Provisions chapter of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW).

The law surrounding Family Provision claims is extremely complex and requires professional and considered advice.

Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors has extensive experience in wills and estates and has practiced extensively in Family Provisions Claims. Our specialised team can assist where:-

  • You have been left out of a will or have been inadequately provided for;
  • There is cause to question the validity of the will or circumstances in which the will was made; or
  • You are an executor defending a will.

There are strict time limits which apply to contesting wills, so do not hesitate to contact one of our will dispute lawyers today.

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