Pilliga Pilgrimage

Hello All,

Thanks again to all those who threw in for the Pilliga Pilgrimage, it was a huge success for such a small idea.

Pilliga Pilgrimage

The hay was delivered and very much needed. For those who looked at our Instagram you would have no doubt seen how dry it was. Some good things are happening out west. We became aware of another group calling themselves the City Slickers who had raised $30,000 and were delivering hay to farmers around the Pilliga region also. The Council was also running water tanks out to many of the Properties filling depleted water tanks for farmers.

The Pork and Prawn night was amazing. We had around 70 or so people attend. Around 20 locals were unable to get in due to the rain – which was great news for them! The people were so appreciative and we all got to have a chat with them and hear some pretty heartbreaking stories. It was great to watch them relax over the course of the night and enjoy themselves. The food that was left over was given to anyone who wanted to take it home. Every single dollar that was raised was spent on the event apart from $58 which we have decided to send to the Community Hall as a donation.

The locals are keen for it to become an annual event to either help drought stricken farmers OR, hopefully if the drought breaks, to raise money for the local community by charging a small admission. I will have to take some of you with me next time.

They received some rain on the Saturday night but desperately need some more so keep your fingers and toes crossed for them!

A huge thank you to Somerville Laundry Lomax and the partners for tipping in along with our awesome team of staff. Also a big thanks to Platinum Electricians Lismore and the Lennox Head Couch Potatoes for their donations. AND everyone that threw in.

Finally a massive thanks to Tim, Scotty and Gav – the other three members of the Pilgrimage crew. Absolute legends that not only donated money but also their time and effort delivering hay, climbing on rooves, disconnecting power lines, installing switches, shopping, cleaning and cooking over the weekend.

Yours Faithfully,

Nathan Job